Sunday, August 21, 2005

Toys & Trophies in Display -Part 1

Love blossoms and he becomes a grandpa at 27


BUTTERWORTH: She is a 47-year-old widow with five children and a 10-month-old grandson. He is 27.

They met eight months ago. Love blossomed and despite the initial family shock and protest, they tied the knot yesterday.

In so doing, Mohd Riduan Husiani may have become the youngest grandfather on record, even if not from a biological viewpoint.

Hasnah Abdullah, looking resplendent in her turquoise blue baju kebaya bridal outfit, smiled shyly as she exchanged rings with her partner during their akad nikah at Masjid Jamek Seberang Jaya.

“My first husband, Ridzuan Said, died from kidney failure nine years ago. I felt lonely after that. Then Mohd Riduan came along.

“Both of them have similar names. I believe it is fate that brought us together.”

Hasnah, a factory operator, met Mohd Riduan, a security officer, at their previous workplace in Permatang Batu, Bukit Mertajam.

Her daughter, Siti Fairus Ridzuan, 17, said the family was initially shocked.

“We told her she was crazy. But after listening to her reasons, we relented and accepted Mohd Riduan as part of the family.

“We find it odd calling him dad though, as he is quite young. So, we have decided on calling him pakcik (uncle) instead.”

Mohd Riduan said his parents, too, initially disapproved of the marriage plans because of the wide age gap.

They later gave their consent, but chose not to attend the wedding ceremony.

“I am proud to be a ready-made grandfather as I love children,” said Mohd Riduan.

“I accept Hasnah's children and grandson as my own, but I hope to have at least two children with her.”

They plan to go on a honeymoon in Pangkor.

“She may be as old as my mother, but I know she will take good care of me, just as I will take care of her,” said Mohd Riduan.

They were among 12 couples who were married in an inaugural mass wedding ceremony for Muslims in the Permatang Pauh constituency arranged by Seberang Jaya assemblyman Arif Shah Omar Shah.

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