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Corruption & Rape at Crimea?

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ALLEGATIONS of corruption and rape at Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) are among reasons that led to its de-registration, said Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) received letters from parents of Malaysian students studying at the university alleging corrupt practices there. He said there were also allegations of rape at the university, and victims were warned not to report the incidents.

“The MMC wrote to CSMU in 2004 to get an explanation from them but unfortunately, despite all the recent publicity, there is still no answer from the university,” he told Lim Kit Siang (DAP – Ipoh Timur).

Dr Chua said another factor leading to the university’s de-registration was the undesirable lecturer-student ratio after the number of Malaysian students there increased from 53 in 2001 to 1,116 last year.

“Apart from that, students who graduated from CSMU and attached to the Health Ministry were found to be weak in their knowledge and skills because their command of English was so poor they could not understand medical jargon.

“This is why we decided to de-recognise the university,” he said.

At a press conference later, Lim, who is Opposition Leader, disputed the minister’s claim that CSMU had not replied to MMC.

Lim also distributed copies of correspondence between CSMU and MMC.

“I thank the Health Minister for answering my supplementary question just now, but his answer is not a satisfactory one as he appeared to rely on hearsay.


It is interesting. Health Minister says the reason of de-recognition were: rape, corruption, poor English of graduates and lecturers-student ratio.

His Deputy Minister and Malaysian Medical Council says it was due to: CMSU admitted Arts student, Students who failed SPM and are admitted; lecturer-student ratio and poor English.

So, what's the real problem???

Rape and corruption?

What's that got to do with MMC and recognition?

Recognition is a rule set to monitor the quality of graduates who will become doctors one day, and the main issue is: will they be competent to do the professional assignment?

Rape and Corruption is a Criminal matter and must be referred to the relevant authorities for criminal indictment and prosecution; thats not the job of MMC, neither the duty of Health Ministry.

Is the Ministry saying that they are concerned with Human Rights and wants to show that they are the protector of Human Rights, then please help to resolve and amend the draconian statute in Malaysia first - the Internal Security Act (ISA). Please don't act like Americans and British legislators.

Not too long ago, there was a student in University Utara Malaysia (UUM) who was made pregnant and gave birth to a baby in the hostel; an unmarried girl giving birth to a baby at college; isn't that construed as rape? Did MMC take action against UUM?

So happen, I had a friend who had sent his daughter to Crimea two years ago. At Crimea, she died after falling down from a highrise apartment. It was reported by Ukranian authority that it was a case of suicide. It was rumoured that she was pushed down by someone and the bereaved father seek the assistance of MCA, hopefully to get an autopsy report.

I believe, Chua Soi Lek may be refering to this case when he says rape and corruption. There were allegations of rape and corruption; but is there proof? There was allegation that it was done by a fello Malaysian; but there was insufficient evidence; or for the fact, there was no factual evidence - it was merely hearsay. We can't alleged corruption and rape and the notion of guilty until proven innocent.

The next consideration is about English:

"Students who graduated from CSMU and attached to the Health Ministry were found to be weak in their knowledge and skills because their command of English was so poor they could not understand medical jargon."

The Ministry of Health had over the past years engaged expartriate doctors from Myanmar, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. They too had problem with English, but yet they were employed by Health Ministry. So, what's the problem?

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Should we have Malaysian medical graduates (who are basically practising as houseman), and who do not understand medical jargons in English, then the solution is, these graduates who are currently performing their housemanship, they should be required to undergo English classes, and had to pass a certain exam before they are allowed to practice as medical doctors.

Equally, Malaysian students in local universities are also poor in English. I have a few friends (Malaysians and working in public hospitals) who are accredited medical doctors and they too can't speak proper English. There was no problem with MMC! Couple of months back, I went to see a dentist in KL, and we have to converse in Bahasa Malaysia because she can't speak proper English. Any problem?

Next issue: "Undesirable lecturer-student ratio".

Is ratio the strict rule? The purpose of ratio is to set a control mechanism whereby it is a presumption that medical colleges should try maintain a ratio set (maybe 1:12) to ensure that each student will be given sufficient attention so that their progress and achievements are closely monitored. The ratio is a guideline and not a rule of law. It does not mean that if the ratio is increased to 1:15, the students will graduate as a moron. In fact, last year, our local universities have increase their ratio and agreed by MMC.

Next: So then, what is the other problem? Unless we include the problem of admission of Art Stream students and some who had failed their SPM, as the reason for de-recognition, I just can't find a any more reason for the de-recognition. The only probable reason not considered here is: political and racial. The ministry had denied this and we must believe it [period].

But if Art Stream students and SPM-failed students were the reasons, then, we are be-mocking our own system of government slapping our own face. Why? because the Ministry of Higher Education had considered the applications and had approved the applications of these group of students to read medicine at Crimea. They were issued Certificate of NO OBJECTION to read medicine at Crimea. So, what's the problem?

I don't know. I think the Minister also don't know. Only MMC knows!!!!

Can they find some other better excuse? Are we so lousy in finding a decrepid and lame, but acceptable excuse?

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