Monday, July 25, 2005

Globalization: The China Doll Effect

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The world is swamped with cheap products from China and Malaysian Industries must be prepared to face the competitive onslaught from products from China.

Apart from manufactured goods, China are also exporting massive "Biological weapons" in the form of beautiful-tall babydolls, which provide "extra" services to meet men's biological needs. This time, it is not only the industry that faces the economic onslaught but wifes are facing getter challanges to keep their husband filial.

Hundreds of thousands of tall, beautiful made-in-China ladies are spreading their charm, attracting and seducing men. If you put a nice fish infront of a cat, no matter how hard he tried to resist, the temptation is beyond our biological capability to resist.

In sitiawan, hundreds of wifes are complaining that these "China dolls" are offering their "extra" services, to elderly men in the district for a handsome fee. The women from the Foo Chow district in China are available for "rental" of up to RM6,000 a month depending on their age and beauty. The 20- to 30-year-olds have latched on to local agents who advertise their services by word of mouth to the mostly Foo Chow-speaking members of the local Chinese community.

It is learnt that the women are virtually invisible except for a brief period about 9pm daily when they meet for dinner at a restaurant in Jalan Kampung Selamat. By 6pm, the parking area is filled with expensive cars, from which elderly men alight with the women in tow.

A businessman in the property line here, who declined to be identified, said one needed to be in the right circles to be able to "rent" the women. According to him, the agents set the women up in apartments where those "renting" them can visit daily. The rental period could range between a day and a month. "If you go to the right location, you can see men as old as 70 being accompanied by women in their 20s to breakfast.“

WOMEN from China have also “invaded” Taiping to take up jobs as “short-term mistresses,” Sin Chew Daily reported in July last year.

In August 2004, China Press reported that Chinese families are apparently under threat of being broken up by “seductresses” from China. The daily received many calls, letters and faxes from readers complaining that the women seduced their husbands who often end up losing money and breaking up the families. The women, who came on social visit passes, targeted cities and towns with a high Chinese population, such as Kepong, Jinjang, Tanjung Sepat, Cameron Highlands, Teluk Intan and Seremban. They worked in karaoke lounges, bars and restaurants to get close to the men.

Those who found a sugar daddy would be given accommodation, cars and allowances.

A reader narrated the story of her friend’s husband who was so obsessed with a woman from China that he spent up to RM1mil on her a year. The man’s marriage ended in divorce. He was later abandoned by the mistress who found a “new target” after draining the man of his fortune. The daily said the women were good at gaining sympathy by telling sob stories, such as the tough life they had in China or that their ailing parents and siblings needed money for medical treatment.

While they have made many men happy, they have also made many "OLD" wives unhappy. These "PRETTY WOMEN" act as social escorts, but cautioned against tarring all female visitors from China as there were genuine visitors with relatives in the area. The authorities should take care not to arrest the innocent.

A woman, unhappy that some local men had been calling on the foreigners, approached Perak state immigration director Datuk Ishak Mohamed and told him in broken Malay: “Orang tua keranda punya duit belum cukup lagi mali sini cari itu perempuan (These old men have not saved enough to pay for their coffins and yet they can come here to find the women).”

“The residents are happy that we conducted the raid as they feared such vice activities would spread,” Ishak said yesterday. He added that the women were especially worried their husbands would spend their life savings seeking the services of the foreigners.

Well, we are in the age of globalization and liberalization. Married women must try to stay body beautiful and sweet, otherwise, the China Dolls will relieved them of their duties in bed.

Maybe, soon, the handsome Chinamen may also be seducing the local wifes. Watch out old-men with sweet wifes!!!

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