Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ghani becomes kalumguni

Ghani the NUTHEAD Posted by Picasa
Malaysian National News Agency
July 09, 2005 22:11 PM

READ the brainless doctrine from the charlatan from Johor entitled:

Johor Umno Says Meritocracy A Form Of Discrimination

The Johor Umno Liaison Committee Saturday criticised the meritocracy system introduced by the government, saying that it resulted in a fall in the achievement of Malay students and is a form of discrimination and oppression.

Its chairman, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who is also the Johor Menteri Besar, said it had adversly affected tens of thousands of Bumiputera students in the rural areas who had been denied quality education in view of the "uneven competitive field".

The system had resulted in a fall in the number of Malay students in medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry and other competitive fields, he said. Citing the situation at the University of Malaya (UM), he said the number of Bumiputera students who studied medicine, pharmacy, law and buisness had declined. He said the system had prevented the entry of Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera students into public institutions of higher learning based on the 55:45 ratio as used in the quota system. "Although there was an increase in the number of Malays in accountancy, architecture, law and other fields from 1970 to 2002, the Bumiputeras account for only 20 percent in accountancy compared to the non-Bumiputeras, medicine and dentistry (36 percent), engineering (26.5 percent) and registered lawyers (35 percent).

Hence, Malay graduates who were jobless or working below their capacity had increased in 2003. Abdul Ghani also urged the government to make learning at national schools more attractive because Bumiputera students were mostly from these schools.


I have never in my life heard or read a more frivolous and farcical statement from an educated State leader who is married to a wife who is a university professor. It is utmost balderdash and resembles the blaring from a klutz of the primitive society.

How could we digest the platitude that a meritocratic system could result in a fall in the achievement of Malay students and is a form of discrimination and oppression?

It is PURE malapropism and a rigmarole.

First and foremost, the Barisan Government of which Ghani belongs, had been in power for the last 49 years. If tens of thousands of Bumiputera students in the rural areas are been denied quality education, then Barisan Nasional must answer for it. The government had been in power since independence, and what have they done for the rural people who are denied quality education, as claim by Ghani? Why blame everyone other than themselves? The rural people deserve quality education and the government is fully responsible to ensure that these rural folks are not neglected.

Ghani claimed that these rural folks were competing with city and town folks in an "uneven competitive field". If that's the case, the state govt of Johor had failed in their duty to the rural rakyat. It is their fiduciary duty to ensure that the rural areas are been taken care of, and that all efforts including financial budgets are appropriately allocated to these rural areas to ensure that the "fields are even". If the state govt had failed in their duty, why blame others? They should step down voluntarily and let others who have the passion and ability take over. I am certain Nik Aziz would have done a better job.

The question that the meritocracy system had resulted in a fall in the number of Malay students in medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry and other competitive fields is utterly incredulous and a twaddle. On one side Ghani said the meritocracy system had resulted in the fall of the number of malay student; on the other, he said the 65%:35% quota system used is unfair. So, which is which, and is the system selection based on meritocracy or based on quota? If the system is desirous of quota, then stick to quota; if the govt wants meritocracy system, then stick to meritocracy! You can't blame meritocracy and then at the same time says the quota system practiced is unfair.

Further, the numbers as published by him is totally inaccurate and misleading. These numbers exclude students admitted into MARA and Islamic University and also those sent overseas thru' scholarships. Add them up, we should have 80% to 85% Bumiputras in all the critical courses.

The question to be posed is whether those who had scored 10 Ds and 10 Es. Should they also be selected to do medicine, accountancy, engineering, pharmacy, and dentistry? If Ghani is desirous that they too be allowed into medical colleges, then the govt must direct Malaysian Medical Council to lower down the qualifying standards. And please don't claim that Crimea University is accepting lesser qualified students into their medical faculty, when our local universities are in fact practising it.

UiTM can increase its size and built more campus to accomodate these 10Es student to study medicine and pharmacy. The only problem that will be is that the country will produce more graduates that shall be unemployable.

5,000 years ago, Confucious had enunciated that: whatever we sow, we shall reap. Over the last few years, we had more than hundred thousand of graduates that are unemployable and the numbers are burgeoning. Soon, Malaysia will become a country full of graduates who are unemployble and we will have another new milestone in the Guiness Book of Record - re-affirming the Malaysia Boleh Doctrine.

Fundamentally, helping those rural folks are important but it is not about giving them a degree and making them a doctor. It is about providing them with EDUCATION and educating them, providing the infrastructure and the resources that will enable them to uplift their intellectualism and make them the human capital of the nation - in the words of Pak Lah - Towering Malays!

If the system is desirous of Towering Malays, then efforts and resources must be allocated and managed. Everything must start from ground zero. We have to take the pain and be willing to sacrifice our time and energy to acquire intellectual knowledge and built competencies. We need to motivate Bumiputras to succeed and to win by meritocracy. We can't let mediocrity replace meritocracy. The "political will" must be calcified and time is the essence. Stop the bullshit and stop being rapacious. Start working and implementing the programs that will built the people's confidence. It can be done and it can succeed if the political will be amplified.

Stay truthful to your belief and stay honest to the citizens, Mr. Ghani. Please asked your wife how to succeed, Mr. Ghani! And please end your stupidity and stop being a charlatan.


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