Wednesday, July 20, 2005


TEARS OF SORROW Posted by Picasa


ENOUGH! ENOUGH! You are destroying your very own, your very own Malay leader!

I cry for the Malays! How far will you all go? Till you destroy everyone and yourself and till all are casted to the devil?

Don't throw all the blame to Rafidah. She has served the nation for more than two decades and she had served UMNO far longer than two decades. She don't deserve all this.

The AP system was not created by her. It was wrong to have initiated that system in the very first place. What she has done was to fulfill the system design. If ever it was wrong, it was the system. All within the system - the past and present government must share the blame.

The APs only benefit a few? How can the APs which are basically franchise APs be granted to all? It is only granted to those who have foreign franchise, that is, the foreign automakers have contracted to the local distributors who numbered only a few.

How is it that Proton had suffered? The total number of imported cars under 1800cc – those in direct competition with Proton is only 3.2% of the total production of Proton.

Only 17,455 foreign cars were brought in with APs while the total car production by Proton is 530,035 units.

The problem with Proton is the weak management and the failure to strike strategic alliance with strong foreign partners. Look and Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo and Samsung. They have team up with American jaggernauts and have grown stronger, more competitive and leaner.

If Proton is incapable to compete with global players, they should look into themselves and ask why. Mahaleel should shoulder the responsibility instead of blaming everyone. Why hide behind Mahathir and Why drag in Mahathir who has retired from politics to the front line?

Why blame Rafidah? Even if the claim that she had benefited from the AP system, it can only be: because the system has made it possible. Corruption? Oh, don't pick on her! The whole system is utterly corrupt and everyone within the system is just sharing the spoils.

If Pak Lah is serious about mitigating the kleptocratic system, he should start the house cleaning beginning from his home, his family and his party.

Apologise to Mahathir? What for? He was the boss for 22 years and he set up the AP system. It was known that such system would ultimately lead to such consequences as seen today.

Blame Mahathir? What for? He has done everything possible to bring up the Malays to what they are today. He has done everything possible to bring the Malays to the forefront of the world of economics and prosperity. Malays today are big time businessmen and millions have got university education. Isn't that proof of what he has done for the good of the Malays and the nation as a whole?

UMNO and the Malays must stop crushing their own people. They had crush Isa and now they are going to crush Rafidah. What good will it bring to the nation and to the Malays in particular?

Looking back is only good if the system is trying to learn from the past mistakes. Otherwise, it is more important to look forward and to make Malaysia a better nation for everyone.

Globalization and liberalization will devour us if we are not going to adopt and adapt. Meritocracy and Competence should be the maxim. Glocal or Glokal or Towering ... all these ... it won't work!

Think Global and Act Local - that's what we should do! Seek competency; seek meritocracy; built learning organization; seek knowledge; and most of all, seek virtue and seek God.

The current governmental and civil service system needs a complete overhaul. Every minister and top rank civil servant must shed their billionaire dream. The social fabric must be integrated and enhanced. There is no way forwward, until we are prepared to built a system based on competencies and meritocracy.

We can continue to shout rhetorics. We can continue to blame everyone for our failures. UMNO can continue to cry foul and blame meritocracy as discriminating. Another new UMNO manisfesto won't work. Another jargon from their leaders won't work.

ONLY Honesty, hardwork and a strong political will is all that's needed to see a better tommorrow.

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